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Welcome to Mike’s Car Store, Louisville’s premier resource
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The #1 Watched Car Salesman

Mike’s Car Store is owned and operated by The #1 Watched Car Salesman on the Planet, Mike Davenport, AKA: Chevy Dude! With over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry, Mike saw how difficult it can be for drivers to navigate purchasing a vehicle, often getting jerked around by dishonest dealerships.

He quickly found his calling helping people worldwide through social media, showing them how to negotiate car deals, maneuver through car dealership red tape, and spot scams on a car purchase. After amassing a loyal following, Mike finally opened his own used car dealership in Georgetown, IN, extending his ethical and quality service to the good folks of Georgetown, Lousiville, and beyond!

Our Mission

Since the beginning of his career, Mike has always worked under the philosophy that Buying a Car Doesn’t Have To Suck™. Whether you have a poor credit history, limited income, or are a first-time buyer, Mike believes purchasing a vehicle can always be a successful and enjoyable process.

What To Expect At Mike’s Car Store

Here at Mike’s Car Store, we’re committed to providing reliable cars to all our customers, regardless of their credit history or income level. We strive to make every purchase easy and fair, without the typical car dealership hassles. We serve people nationwide with great quality and affordable used vehicles. Whether you’re flying into Louisville to pick up your new car or want it shipped straight to your driveway, you can always expect exceptional customer service. 

All of our vehicles have been carefully inspected and even reconditioned with the help of our own detailing center, 5 Diamond Detailing, located just up the way at 8379 IN-64, Georgetown, IN!

Find Out Why Buying A Car Doesn’t Have To Suck! 

Browse our inventory, and once something catches your eye, don’t hesitate to reach out! We’ll be happy to facilitate the trade-in of your current vehicle and get you behind the wheel of a quality new-to-you car today!

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