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When it comes to vehicle shopping, buying brand-new may feel like your only option. But fears about reliability, cleanliness, up-to-date features, and repair costs shouldn’t deter you from buying used. In fact, there are plenty of reasons why buying a pre-owned vehicle is better than buying new!

#1: The Price is Right

Truly the most important reason why anyone would choose to buy a used car! Purchasing a vehicle, even one that’s only a year old, could provide you with significant savings. Additionally, if your credit could use some work, buying a used vehicle at a low cost with smaller, more manageable monthly payments can do wonders for your credit score and help you get back on your feet.

#2: Modern Features Rarely Change

Buying used doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the latest features. In fact, vehicles very rarely change their specifications year over year. You basically need to shop in 10+ year increments to notice a huge difference in specs. This means that most – if not all – of the features you’ll find in the latest Hyundai are likely also available in the model that came out four years ago.

#3: Quality is Easily Maintained

Just because a vehicle is used doesn’t mean it won’t have much life left! Here at Mike’s Car Store, we ensure that all of our used vehicles undergo a meticulous inspection inside and out before they even find a spot on our lot. Not to mention, times have changed! Vehicles these days are built to last much longer than they were in the past.

#4: Better Resale Value

Did you know that a new vehicle depreciates 10% just by driving it off the lot?! Buying used means you can preserve the vehicle’s resale value since depreciation tends to only skyrocket with newer vehicles. This is extremely helpful should you decide to sell or trade-in your preowned vehicle at some point in the future.

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Buying a used car doesn’t have to suck! If you’re in the Georgetown, Louisville, and Floyd County areas and looking to buy a pre-owned vehicle, we can help. Here at Mike’s Car Store, we offer quality used cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs for all budgets. Browse our inventory today and contact us anytime with your questions!

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