2 Pro Tips to make you the Best Car Negotiator

By: Mike Davenport - Chevy Dude   |   15 Jul 2022

2 Pro Tips to make you the Best Car Negotiator

Want to be a better negotiator when buying a car. If you focus on these 2 tips. You will walk out with the best deal on a new or used car.

He who speaks first loses!

Car salesman practice negotiating every single day. You do it every few years.

Therefore, they know when to talk when to be quiet which results in you paying a little bit more than you need to.

It’s going to empower you to walk into the dealership with more confidence, knowing that you’re not going to overpay and walk out with the car that you want and get a price that you deserve.

Master the Five-Point Walk-Around — Center for Performance Improvement | Automotive Dealer CSI SSI Fixed Ops Training

1. The Walkaround

The first one happens right in front of the dealership right in front of your eyes and by you not knowing this. It costs you thousands of dollars for every single car deal.

So what am I referring to about your trade-in? What’s the technique that I’m talking about, it’s called…. the silent walk around!

During this, the Car Salesmen will walk around your car and try to point out every single little thing that’s wrong with your car.

3 things Wall St. doesn't want you to know

Do not fall into this trap!

When they walk around your car just be quiet and don’t bring up anything when they try to point out tiny little dents or dings! This is their way to try to get you to devalue your own trade.

One of the questions I used to use for this situation:

“Have you done anything to enhance the value of your vehicle over the last six months?”

You can’t enhance a depreciating asset!

Listen, folks. I mod my cars right, we’re proud of our mods. Your mods do not add value to your car. Your six-inch lift kits. Do not add value to your trucks. Your exhaust does not add value to your corvettes or your sports cars.

So listen. These things are going to come up, but when they’re doing the silent walk around like that DO NOT SAY A WORD!

matter of fact: don’t even go with them, stay inside the dealership.

Stay warm! Let them freeze their hineys off and go a little further in detail

2. Pay attention to the numbers on your car deal

Your due diligence is right here on the showroom floor and you have to be able to pay attention to these guys.

These are the numbers of your car deal. Most car deals go south when you don’t understand these, don’t know how to read Them, and believe it or not. This is very common that people don’t understand the numbers on a car deal!

If you want to see the example check out the video that will help guide you with what the car deal looks like!

Make sure you download my eight-tip ebook and car worksheets!

If you have a trade, what it’s worth based on my last videos to make sure that you understand what your trade is worth, how to determine what your trade value is to know that you’re getting a fair deal, two make sure you use the same techniques!

Question from a fan:

“Just tell us how much you want for the car imagine buying everything like they sell cars.”

Mr. Chevy Dude answers:

Most good car dealerships nowadays are giving you one price: CarMax, Carvana, vroom, Bachmann Chevrolet in Louisville, Kentucky.

We’re all giving you one price nowadays, because we know that you’re at home shopping on the internet And you’re cross, comparing across all sorts of dealerships and all these third-party websites like CarGurusTruecaredmunds.com.

All those websites are giving you fair market value and data if you’re paying too high too little or it’s a fair deal. So nowadays, if a car dealership is a really good dealership, they’re pretty much not negotiating anymore.

Learn more from the Chevy Dude by watching the video below!



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