How to Buy Your First Used Chevy, SUV & Sedan | 2022 Car Buyers Expert Guide

By: Mike Davenport   |   29 Sep 2022
How much should you spend on your first car? How do you choose the right vehicle?



And how can you save money on financing? Find out everything you need to know, in this free first-time car buyers expert guide.


Have you seen the new 2023 Chevy Camaro yet?

It's a beautiful machine, with up to 650 horsepower and a 3.5 second 0-60, I saw one the other day, and it's definitely the car of my dreams.

I can't wait until my payday on Friday, so I can afford another Uber to go look at it again...

Though many of us dream of the cars we may one day own, it's not uncommon for those dreams to be a little unrealistic - and that's fine.

When you're ready to actually purchase your first car though, don't go to the dealership with your head in the clouds - instead do a little bit of research first, it's easier than you think, and could save you a ton of money.

According to the Kelley Blue Book, the average price for a midsize car is approximately $25,000, significantly more than many first-time car buyers are willing to spend. This new expert guide by Mike, from Mike’s Car Store, explains everything first-time car purchasers should know, including how much to budget for your first vehicle.

Visit to see the full expert guide, or to learn more about the automobile industry, and how you can save big bucks on your first car.

Mike explains that while a new or used vehicle is likely the second largest and most important purchase you will ever make, it is not uncommon for new buyers to make easily avoidable mistakes. Learn about the most common errors, how to avoid them, and several long-term strategies for making your first car more affordable.

Drawing on personal experience as a car dealer, vehicle owner, and father of several children who already have or soon will purchase their first vehicle, Mike explains what he has done personally to make the purchases easier for his own family. The process begins at an early age, with techniques that can improve credit scores for children years before they make their first big purchase.

The full, free guide includes strategies for defining what you actually need in a new vehicle, as well as a brief list of additions that are often expensive, and best avoided while shopping on a budget. While each first-time car buyer will have different needs, Mike explains how to prioritize your needs and wants, to match the available options.

How much you should budget for your first car will depend on several factors, such as whether you are buying with cash, or financing the vehicle. The free guide includes a chart that covers how much a first-time buyer should budget based on their take-home pay.

The guide also contains links to more information about purchasing a vehicle based on cost instead of financing options, and how to understand the details of the sale.

A spokesperson for Mike’s Car Store said, “Never get taken advantage of by a dealership again. We’re working hard to make sure folks don’t get screwed over by untrustworthy dealers. Learn more about how to navigate the car business and get the most out of your vehicle purchase with our helpful blog posts and YouTube videos.”

A few minutes of research and a bit of planning could easily save you thousands of dollars on your first car, and help to improve your credit score.

Find out how by checking out the full first-time buyer's guide, absolutely free.

Visit to see the full guide and other top strategies and don't forget to download our 8 simple steps to get a car deal e-book. 


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