Chevy Dude sets an example of generosity by gifting a car to a struggling single mom

By: Mike Davenport   |   27 Dec 2022

Mike Davenport, a famous Youtuber, gifted a car to a struggling single mom with the help of Jacobs Well, a Southern Indiana nonprofit organization.




Georgetown, Indiana, USA–Mike Davenport, aka Chevy Dude, continues his mission to give back to the community. Recently, the famous YouTuber surprised Jessica, a struggling single mom, by gifting her a new car. Jessica was driving an old Dodge Caravan with 300,000 miles. The 2013 Chevy Malibu, which only had 23,000 miles, was an excellent surprise for this struggling mom. The moment was caught on camera with Jessica in tears, unable to express her gratitude with words.

Jessica has struggled with making ends meet since her 2-year-old son was born. After hearing her story, Mike decided to step in to help her get back on her feet. Mike knows how much having reliable transportation can empower a person to have a better life. He opened his car lot, known as Mike’s Car Store, one year ago to give back to the community. Mike also creates videos for his YouTube channel, ChevyDude. On the ChevyDude YouTube channel, he shares many informational videos for the audience to save money and make proper decisions regarding buying or selling their vehicles. This act of kindness is not a first for Mike. He has donated to many other charities helping children.

Mike Davenport donated the car with the help of Jacobs Well, a nonprofit based in Floyd County, Indiana. The organization's mission is to help women with children affected by domestic violence, human trafficking, and substance abuse. Jacob's Well provides housing, budgeting, and parenting classes to help women with life. This generous act of kindness reminds us that there is good in humanity. 

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Mike Davenport, aka Chevy Dude, is a famous YouTuber and philanthropist. He runs his car store known as Mike’s Car Store. His video content is mainly based on informational videos about cars and making intelligent decisions related to his field.



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