Buying a sports car during off season can save you $5,000 or more!

By: Mike Davenport   |   28 Dec 2022

Purchasing a sports car is a significant investment, and timing can be a crucial factor in finding the best deal. One of the best times of the year to buy a sports car is during the month of January. Here are a few reasons why:


Mike Davenport the Owner Of Mike’s Car Store and Famous car-buying tip Youtuber Chevy Dude explains in 5 easy steps why January is the best time to buy your Summer ride.


  1. End-of-year clearance sales: Many car dealerships are looking to clear out their inventory before the end of the year to make room for new models. This means that you may be able to find some great deals on sports cars that have been sitting on the lot for a while. Sports cars in the off-season typically sit longer and you can find them at low cost.
  2. Slow sales period: January is generally a slow sales period for car dealerships, as many people are still recovering from the holiday season and may not be in the market for a new car. This can work in your favor as a buyer, as dealerships may be more willing to negotiate on price in order to make a sale.
  3. New model year: Many car manufacturers release their new models in the fall, which means that the previous year's models may be discounted in order to make room for the new ones. This can be a great opportunity to score a discounted sports car that is only a year or two old.
  4. Lower financing rates: Interest rates on car loans tend to be lower in the early part of the year, which can make financing a sports car more affordable. This is proved to be true heading into 2023 with the current trend of rising rates by the fed.
  5. January is in the middle of the off-season sports car market. Cars at auction are not bringing the high dollar values they saw just 60 days ago and most of the country has seen snow by now, the likely hood of people being in the market for a rear-wheel drive V8 muscle car is very low. This is where you can take advantage and snag a great deal. 

Generally speaking, buying a sports car during the off-season can save you $3,000-$5,000 or more. For over 23 years Mike Davenport the owner of Mike's car store has been selling sports cars. He states "buying during the winter has the best benefits as the market is at its lowest. Come spring prices will rise on that same sports car by thousands". 


Don’t be afraid to buy that sports car that’s been sitting on a dealer's lot for a long time. This is normal. Just get a Presale inspection by a local mechanic and ask the dealer for their inspection checklist. Mike’s Car Store in Georgetown, In is home to the 172 points Certified inspection on all of their vehicles.





Good Questions to consider: 

1. Is it a good idea to buy a sports car in winter?

     The market is at its lowest. The vast majority of the country sports car sit in garages and aren't used. Many car owners sell them rather than paying for storage, insurance, and more. 

2. What are some of the benefits of buying a sports car in winter?

     Lower cost is the biggest one. One that many people don't think about is you will have a little more time to think about and research the car. Less people are looking for sports cars in the winter therefore you can slow your process down some.  But don't take too long. Time Kills Deals

3. Are there any drawbacks to buying a sports car in winter?


    Driving it is the biggest one. Can you drive that car in the temps, bad weather, etc. Some tires are only meant to be driven above 40°f. Shipping a car may be a better option. 

4. What are some things to keep in mind when buying a sports car in winter?

    Does AC work? This can be very tough to determine in the wintertime. You would have to get it indoors where it's 70° or above to truly see if it's working or not. Check other summer-related items you would use out. I.E, convertible top, AC seats, etc


5. What does shipping a car cost?  Shipping varies.

    You can get open transport for about $1 per mile. Enclosed transport can vary from hauler to hauler. We have seen them as low as $1.50 per mile up to $4 per mile.  ANYTHING you find on the internet will be a broker that puts your load on Central Dispatch to find a driver going from your origin and towards your destination. 

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