Fees to Never Pay a Car Dealership Part 2

By: Mike's Car Store   |   03 Jan 2023

In our last blog, we covered some sneaky tricks dealerships often use to scam customers into paying erroneous charges that can add hundreds – if not thousands – to your vehicle price. Thankfully, the team at Mike’s Car Store is here to break down more of these hidden fees and a few extra tips to ensure you avoid scammer dealerships like these!

Fee #6: Additional Dealer Markup Fees

Some dealers might try to sell you on the idea that the particular vehicle you’re after is a rare one. While this can happen from time to time, more often than not, you can find multiple options are dealerships all over the country. Never for any reason should you pay for a vehicle above MSRP value.

Fee #7: Pre-Installed Accessory Charges

From mud flaps to bug deflectors to window vents, sometimes used vehicles – or even new ones – come with all sorts of unnecessary accessories installed. Scammer dealers will try to charge you extra for them. If you have no need for these accessories, the customer is fully in the right to request that they be removed.

Fee #8: Credit Life Insurance

While life insurance Is sometimes a good idea if you want the protection of your assets for your loved ones, taking out credit life insurance at a dealership through your car loan is an unbelievable waste of time. Watch out for dealers who offer this the minute they start asking, “Who would you like the title of the vehicle to go to in the event of your untimely death.” We’d recommend seeking out life insurance elsewhere.

Fee #9: Dealer Prep Fee

Having a vehicle prepped for a new buyer comes with the territory, and things like cleaning and gas are typically reimbursed to the dealer by the manufacturer. This is another erroneous charge that customers should never have to pay for and a huge red flag for the dealer that may be charging it!

Pro Tip: Don’t Ask Questions Too Soon!

When it comes to ensuring you don’t get duped or scammed by these fees, there’s a time and a place to bring them up to the dealer. The best time to negotiate your fees is when the dealer begins breaking down the worksheet, which should outline all the itemized fees involved. Thank the dealer for the worksheet and show them all the additional fees that you know are unnecessary. Typically, dealers will agree to it. For those that don’t, we’d advise walking away from those types of unethical dealerships. The number one takeaway here to ensure you get the best deal is to refrain from negotiating or bringing up these charges until after the worksheet is presented to you! Check out the video below for more in-depth information on this!

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