Mike’s Car Store’s First Car Giveaway

By: Mike's Car Store   |   31 Mar 2023

Here at Mike’s Car Store, not only are we passionate about cars and helping drivers land the vehicles of their dreams, but we also love to give back to the members of our beloved community. Mike's Car Store is proud to start off its philanthropy mission by donating one of our quality used vehicles to a family in need! Through donations like these, we’re able to make at least one family a little more mobile and make their lives just a little bit easier!

An Estate Sale Gem

Mike’s subscribers know all too well about his deep love for giving back. After he received a tip-off in regards to a mint-condition Chevy Malibu available at a nearby estate sale, Mike saw this as the perfect opportunity to offer a giveaway to a family in need, especially with Christmas just around the corner. As someone with experience with having no access to a reliable vehicle, Mike is even that much more passionate about providing transportation solutions to those who need them most.

A Surprise for a Mother in Need

Residing temporarily at Jacob’s Well, a fantastic transitional living facility for single mothers and their children, Jessica and her two-year-old son had been experiencing homelessness for some time. Driving a 200,000-mile Dodge Caravan that had seen better days, we knew Jessica was the right recipient for our first-ever car giveaway! See her overjoyed reaction in Mike’s vlog below


1 Down, 100 to Go!

We hope that our generosity to Jessica will set the tone for future donations. In fact, we aspire to give away a vehicle to someone in need for every 100 cars we sell! While selling cars is our main focus, our dealership is more than just a business. We believe that drivers of all backgrounds and economic statuses should have access to a reliable set of wheels, regardless of their credit or financial situation. And with our new philanthropic endeavours, we aim to help empower drivers all across the country to achieve financial independence in the process! This is our why!

If you’re having difficulty finding flexible financing options in order to purchase a vehicle, Mike’s Car Store is here to help! Browse our inventory, check out our socials, and contact us today. Our team is always on standby to help you get in the driver's seat of the car of your dreams and get you back on your feet!


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