The Truth About Graphene in Ceramic Coatings: It's All a Marketing Scam!

By: Mike Davenport   |   23 Apr 2023
Graphene is a Marketing SCAM! 

Are you in Louisville, KY, and looking for the best ceramic coating for your vehicle? Look no further than 5 Diamond Detailing, owned by Mike Davenport, Chevy Dude, who has over 23 years of car care experience.

When it comes to ceramic coatings, there has been a lot of hype around the use of graphene. However, the truth is that there is little scientific evidence to support the claims that graphene can enhance the performance and durability of ceramic coatings. In fact, some experts have suggested that adding graphene to ceramic coatings can actually be detrimental to their performance over time.

So, what chemicals and additives should you look for in a ceramic coating to ensure that you are getting the best protection for your vehicle? Silica is a common additive that can improve the hardness and scratch resistance of the coating, while also repelling water and other liquids to protect the underlying surface.

Titanium dioxide is another popular additive that can enhance the UV resistance of the coating, as well as improve its clarity and color retention. Zirconium oxide is a highly durable additive that can improve scratch resistance and hardness, while also being resistant to heat and corrosion.

Polysiloxanes are another family of chemicals that can improve the flexibility and adhesion of ceramic coatings, while also reducing surface tension to make the coating more hydrophobic.

At 5 Diamond Detailing, we use SB3 coatings that offer up to 5 years of protection, as well as System X which offers lifetime protection. Our coatings contain a combination of proven additives and chemicals to deliver highly durable and effective protection for your vehicle.

Don't fall for marketing gimmicks about graphene in ceramic coatings – trust the experts at 5 Diamond Detailing to provide you with the best protection for your vehicle in Louisville, KY.

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