9 Insider Secrets to Avoid Car Dealership Scams - Your Ultimate Guide to Sm

By: Mike Davenport   |   11 Oct 2023

Today I want to share some insider knowledge that can potentially save you an amount of money and hassle when you're, in the market for a vehicle.

If you've ever strolled around a car dealership you might have noticed the inventory millions of dollars just sitting there. What many people aren't aware of is that certain dealerships employ tactics to squeeze money out of customers through unnecessary and often deceptive fees.. Don't worry! I'm here to give you a heads-up on the fees that should never be part of your car-buying experience.

1. Delivery and Destination Fees; The only time its acceptable to pay a delivery fee or destination charge is when its explicitly listed on the factory window sticker of a brand car. Any other called 'delivery' fees are disguised profit, for the dealership.

2. Advertising Charges; These fees are nothing but smoke and mirrors. The dealership may try to convince you that they're necessary to cover their advertising costs. In reality these expenses are usually covered by the manufacturer themselves. Don't let yourself be fooled!

Theft deterrents, like Theft Protection, VIN Etching or Data Dots may not effectively deter thieves in reality. It's an expense that may not be necessary since your insurance should provide coverage in case of theft.

4. Nitrogen for Tires is often considered unnecessary. Lacks benefits compared to regular air. The air we naturally breathe already contains an amount of nitrogen. So spending your money on this service might not be worth it.

5. Pinstripe Fees may seem like a touch for your car but the extra cost associated with it doesn't necessarily match the minor enhancement it provides. You might want to think before paying a premium for this addition.

6. Additional Dealer Markup (ADM) is purely designed to increase the dealership's profit margin. Can usually be negotiated down. It's important not to pay more than the manufacturer's suggested price (MSRP) for a vehicle of how rare or exclusive the dealership claims it to be.

7. Unwanted Accessories such, as mud flaps or bug deflectors that come with the car without your request can be. You have every right to ask for their removal or decline being charged for them.

8. Dealer Prep Fees labeled as "preparation" fees are often deemed unnecessary and can be avoided.
The dealership should provide you with a brand car, in condition complete with a full tank of gas without any additional charges.

9. Credit Life Insurance; This insurance is expensive and unnecessary. It's better to opt for a term life insurance policy if you want to safeguard your assets.

So when is the right time to discuss these fees with the dealership? The key is to wait until you're finalizing the deal. Allow the salesperson to present all the numbers and then before signing anything ensure that they remove any fees. If they value your business they will be willing to work with you.

Remember negotiation is a part of buying a car. However, being aware of what you should and shouldn't be paying for can give you an advantage.

Here at Mikes Car Store, in Georgetown, IN where Buying A Car Doesn't Have to Suck we prioritize transparency and fair transactions. Our goal is to ensure that our customers leave satisfied knowing that they received the deal without any charges.

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