5 Important Tips for Used Car Maintenance

By: Mike's Car Store   |   31 Oct 2023

When it comes to buying a used car, several advantages include reduced upfront costs, lower insurance premiums, and even the opportunity to opt for extended warranty coverage. In today's automotive landscape, vehicles have longer lifespans, and the used car market is flourishing, offering a wide range of affordable options. Nevertheless, concerns about a used car's reliability, cleanliness, modern features, and potential future problems can be daunting. Fortunately, Mike's Car Store is here to assist! By adhering to a few essential maintenance guidelines, you can maximize the longevity of your used vehicle and ensure it remains in excellent condition for an extended period. 

  1. Consult the Owner's Manual: While here at Mike’s Car Store, you’ll always get a comprehensive overview of your newly acquired pre-owned vehicle, it's still essential to refer to the owner's manual for proper maintenance guidelines. The manual will detail the recommended maintenance schedule, including activities like engine oil and filter changes. If your used car didn't come with an owner's manual, you can often download one from the manufacturer's website based on your vehicle's year, make, and model.
  2. Regularly Monitor Tire Pressure: Maintaining the tire pressure at the optimal level is critical for effective used car maintenance. Low tire pressure can lead to various issues and malfunctions in the vehicle.
  3. Keep Coolant Readily Available: Given that a used car has already accumulated many miles, it's common for it to experience frequent heating. Thus, it's essential to have extra coolant readily available. Regularly replacing the coolant is crucial because it can become contaminated if left in the vehicle for an extended period, potentially affecting the engine.
  4. Turn Off the Engine When Idle: It's crucial never to leave the engine running when the car is stationary. This not only conserves fuel efficiency but also positively impacts the engine's longevity.
  5. Utilize a Route Planner: A valuable tip for high-mileage vehicles is to utilize a route planner. Following optimal routes not only saves fuel but also reduces the strain on your vehicle, resulting in less wear and tear.

Reasons to Service Your Used Car

While it may feel like skipping out on that oil change or tire rotation will result in no harm done, in reality, this can cause avoidable problems down the line, putting your safety – and your bank account – at risk. Reasons for servicing your used car include: 

  • Save Money. Would you rather pay a little for a simple maintenance service or a lot for a hefty repair job? We’d bet you’d prefer the former. Maintenance services usually cost much less than an expensive auto repair. Regular oil changes keep your engine working, but failing to do so can result in your engine blowing out, which can cost upwards of hundreds of dollars and extra time in the shop to fix. This can be easily avoided!
  • Improved Fuel Efficiency: Maintaining all components of your vehicle in good condition enables it to perform optimally. This, in turn, leads to improved fuel efficiency, meaning you save more money every time you visit the gas pump.
  • Preserve Your Warranty: This is particularly crucial for new vehicles. Failure to adhere to your car's factory-scheduled maintenance services could potentially void your warranty. Preserving your warranty is essential in case any part of your vehicle experiences an unexpected failure.
  • Retain Resale Value: If you're thinking about trading in your vehicle in the future, demonstrating that your car has been well-maintained is instrumental in retaining its value when the time comes to sell it.
  • Enhance Vehicle Safety: Most importantly, keeping up with your auto maintenance services ensures that your vehicle is safe for you and your family. Considering the amount of time spent on the road, it's essential to ensure that you're driving a reliable and safe automobile. 

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