Keys 2 Empower: Our 4th Car Giveaway

By: Mike's Car Store   |   21 Nov 2023

Here at Mike’s Car Store, we’re always happy to give back to folks in need from our community of Louisville, KY. One of the ways we’ve pledged to do so is with our Keys 2 Empower initiative, where we give away a free car to someone in need of reliable transportation. From a single mother to a retired veteran to the local fire department, we’ve been thrilled to keep our initiative going this past year. And for our fourth donation of our Keys 2 Empower initiative, we thought we’d do something a little different. Read on to see how we surprised two 17-year-olds in Louisville, KY, with their first car!

Finding Quality Cars for Quality People

One of the best aspects of our Keys 2 Empower initiative is the way we’ve been able to let quality cars and people come together effortlessly. For these girls, we were able to find a mint condition 2018 Toyota Yaris with just 47,000 miles from a former coworker of Mike Davenport at Machman Auto Group, who has been keeping an eye out for quality vehicles ever since he learned about Mike’s Keys 2 Empower initiative. Despite the vehicle being a two-door, Mike knew just the family who would appreciate this gem of a vehicle.

Mike learned about two 17 twin girls who were currently in a local foster care system. Approaching the age of 18, these sisters would be soon removed from the system and forced to figure out life on their own.  Not only are these girls kind young women, but they were also number 1 and number 3 in their senior class.

A Yaris for Twins

We thought the 2018 Yaris would be the perfect first vehicle for these girls. At just 47,000 miles, this compact crossover comes fully equipped with Bluetooth, USB ports, safety systems with Lane Departure Warning and Collision Alert notifications, daytime running lamps, auto lights, and more. Another unique feature is the single windshield wiper.

For this giveaway, we wanted it to be a total surprise. The two girls came to Mike’s Car Store with the intention of buying an affordable car that they’d been saving up for over the last two years. They came with only $3000, which unfortunately would not be enough to cover a dependable vehicle. We even had our guys over at the best-detailing company in Lousiville, our sister company, Five Diamond Detailing, to get the Yaris looking just like new for the girls.

To really sell the surprise, we went so far as to put a fake price tag on the car and proceeded to walk them through the entire sales process, empowering the girls to make their first-ever car purchase as they embark on a new journey in their lives, starting college this year. See how the surprise went after the girls took this Yaris out for a test drive in the video below!


4 Down, 100 to Go!

We hope that our generosity to these girls will set the tone for future donations. In fact, we aspire to give away a vehicle to someone in need for every 100 cars we sell! While selling cars is our main focus, our dealership is more than just a business. We believe that drivers of all backgrounds and economic status should have access to a reliable set of wheels, regardless of their credit or financial situation. And with our new philanthropic endeavours, we hope to help empower drivers all across the country to achieve financial independence in the process! This is our why!

If you’re having difficulty finding flexible financing options in order to purchase a vehicle, Mike’s Car Store is here to help! Browse our inventory, check out our socials, and contact us today. Our team is always on standby to help you get in the driver's seat of the car of your dreams and get you back on your feet!


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